Dragon by MonsterBrand

I really love those fish
Nemo by JeanFan

"He disappeared after leaving the school … traveled far and wide … sank so deeply into the Dark Arts, consorted with the very worst of our kind, underwent so many dangerous, magical transformations, that when he resurfaced as Lord Voldemort, he was barely recognizable." 

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Arwen. by Veiltale
Happy Birthday JRR Tolkien by ronsalas
Untitled by lisans
LoL: Soul Stealer and Head Hunter by Fiveonthe


Back with the girl and finally got our 3D latte art at Chock Full of Beans. Love their latte that isn’t too bitter nor sweet even without syrup. Most places do not provide the art if you are ordering iced but CFOB definitely does not agree with that. So remember to get your Iced Lattes if you want to see some popping latte art

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Should be studying and stuff #Vi #piltover #leagueoflegends #sketch

This was supposed to be a scene that happened some time after Irelia became a lich, at a low point where she’s begging (divine)Soraka to ‘undo’ the magic on her.Because whenever the fighting is over, Irelia starts to acknowledge the terrible emptiness of existing in a body that does not age, does not feel, does not cry.


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