Angel by Chris Slabber / Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso.

人見知り (par yu+ichiro)

the lord of the rings meme // favourite location → bag end

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thank you, peter jackson!

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Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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( I tried to sound smart but I think I ended up failing lol OTL ;;; ALSO THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE AN ANSWER TO AN ASK BUT I’m certain that it didn’t answered the ask at all so yeah! Have an art submission instead lol XD (would probably have to answer the question in another post in the future but I might forget so haha OTL;;;)

P.S Honestly I see Diana, Syndra and Morgana have this mutual respect/understanding for one another with what happened in their lives xD Would have loved to have Diana befriend a Morgana blog but all attempts failed before so GG lol OTL )


I made a friend today, I think he liked perching on my finger.

I also found a real skulltula? LOL! time to do some spider research. update: potentially just a regular garden spider, or a golden orb weaver, thanks to 2 lovely informative peoples.

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Photography by Pezi |

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A scum like this original “Burn up in the light” new Taylor Momsen drawing by me enjoy!

I just finished Fiona! 

Waiting Legolas.